Obviously for the normal readers (Hah!) I’m terrible at updating this thing. I’m terrible because I’ve always felt that I should have something in a finished state before sharing. This is a personal failing, I’m going to try and fix that. So I’ve decided to help with this I’m going to work on a project for the next 4 weeks consistently. Just to see if I can. The rebirth of this blog is part of this. I want to try and track my progress. So I’m going to be doing some live coding. The project I’m working on this month is a simplified server similar to Calibre. I’ll be using Golang and Goa Design. With a smattering of other tools for search, authentication, authorization, and data storage.

As of this writing these are the additional tools/tech I’m considering:

Going forward I’ll spend two or three hours each week updating the project and attempting to keep this place up to date.