Alright, first I’d like to apologize to anyone who came to my channel these past two Fridays and didn’t find me streaming. I have a great reason I swear! See I decided to ride my bike to work two Friday’s ago and I pretty much made it, except for when I biffed it trying to get back on to the sidewalk and ate concrete. Yea, it’s about as painful as you can imagine. See I was rushing and not paying attention because I needed to conduct an interview at the office since I was distracted I didn’t properly make the transition off the road and well, yea here we are. So what’s the damage?

Well I badly sprained my left wrist and basically took my right knee to a cheese grater. I don’t really recommend these activities unless your’e some kind of twisted masochist. Anyhow, after taking that following week to get to a doctor and get checked out I was also having internet trouble, again. This time however I escalated my issue as high as they’d let me. Sad as it is that I tend to have to do this a lot when it comes to my internet issues and Comcast. Anyhow, long story short… I think they fixed it! They came out and rerand all the connections and removed line filters they’d installed because they were having an area outage and apparently my line was causing issues. Of course they didn’t tell me this, instead they basically added filtering loops so that the more noise that came across my connection the more it blocked the signal. You can imagine this was lots of fun. So, with all that said what’s next?

Well, I want to get back into the swing of things. While having limited typing ability for the last two weeks I decided that I wanted to start a new series. I’m calling it my “30 Days” series. I’ll take some piece of tech or tool and give it a solid swing for 30 days. I’ll provide weekly updates and statuses about the adventure. You’ll be able to see my first post “Why not give emacs a try?”.

I think that’s all for now, sorry about dropping off the face of the planet like that.