testing godo

I wanted to help automate the updating of my blog. Hugo is a nice tool but it still requires a bit of work to get going. So I went looking for a task tool al. la. gulp or grunt. Out of curiosity I wondered if Go had it’s own flavor of such a tool. Fortunately it looks like it does! They call it Godo, and it’s pretty sweet! It took a bit of work to get going and if you want to see how I configured my tasks check out my web blog project.

home sweet home

Well, here we are again. Since the only certain thing about life is that life changes I figured it was time yet again to redo my blog/website/thing. Previously I was using Octopress and while I did really enjoy its features it was also quite limited unless you wanted to dig into the depths of it. This time around while learning more about Go I stumbled across Hugo which is in the same “static site generator” category of Octopress.